"Business First" Coaching Package


Sit Alongside Ambition & Ready Yourself for Liftoff

If you have no idea how to start your own business, relax.  It's tough and there are a lot of components.  If you're truly ready, press that “call button” and let’s soar.  The business first coaching package helps you organize the project of starting a small business from beginning to end.  There are layovers at each step to make sure you arrive safely. 

You'll also need to check that suitcase because it's too big for the overhead compartment.  It's contains tools, tips and timesavers.  This is why we love life & career coaching in Las Vegas!  Other package benefits include:

Discovery Session (Business Geared)

10 Additional Sessions 

Project Organization 

Brainstorming Sessions

Pointers & Tips on Social Strategy

Design Elements Connections 

Pathway into Marketplace Planning

Business First (How to Start Your Own Business)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Mike Doria Life operates ethically and with best practices in play.  The success of a small business is solely determined by the owner and circumstances outside of MDL control.