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What is Your Dream?

I don't believe in coincidences.  If you pay even the smallest bit of attention in life, you start to notice patterns or themes.  My life and career coaching in Las Vegas helps you tap into that and sort out the message.  And specifically as a career coach in Las Vegas, I've worked hard and built up connections in this area to provide you with best services to improve or advance your professional life.  

The Path of most Persistence

You don't just get to be the goofy, community-oriented morning reporter of a number 1 newscast   You create that path.  In my life coaching business, I help you move you toward your goals and dreams. And give you some VIP tips in the process.

Don't Tell Me I Can't

I've created and performed in a band, written and published two books, launched two successful small businesses and that's only half of it.  When someone tells me I can't do something, I prove them wrong.   Now I'm helping you do the same thing.  The first appointment is free.   

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Mike grew up in Rochester, NY - a city that only knows two seasons: winter and construction.  Within six months of graduating college from Brockport State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Communications, he landed his first on-air reporting job with WIVT-TV, the ABC affiliate in Binghamton, NY.  His subsequent market moves in television took him to Albany, NY, back to Rochester and then finally Las Vegas where he currently works full-time at FOX5 News as a reporter for the morning show.  In 2018, he won an Emmy for a story he did on who names the streets in Las Vegas.  You can watch it below.

Mike considers himself a bucket-list accomplisher as he's written two books, two albums and successfully started two small businesses. He owns Mike Doria Media, a multi-media and content publishing resource for other businesses. 


Deciding to additionally pursue the Life Coaching track was born out his continued relationship with God and his compassion to help others succeed in life. His hobbies and interests include writing, karaoke, concerts, travel, researching anything, surfing the web and deep conversations. Naps are also a key to his happiness. 

In 2008, the Las Vegas Review-Journal named Mike the “Best Reason To Wake Up In The Morning,” in the paper’s annual “Couchie” awards.

In 2016 he was named "Best Reporter" in the Review Journal's "Best of Las Vegas Awards." 

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MISSION STATEMENT: Life and Career Coaching in Las Vegas

To offer a true and friendly coaching service that combines core skills and creativity allowing clients to move forward in life both inspired and fully assured of their next steps. 


  • To continually remain authentic, engaged and committed to clients, audiences and workshop attendees. 
  • To align Mike Doria Life with people and places that work in harmony with the company's values. 
  • To continue learning and growing in areas of coaching. 
  • To be a grade A business and friend to Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.
  • To honor and applaud clients and businesses that fully utilize the coaching process and receive its rewards.  


Who Names the Streets in Las Vegas?

Looking for some direction in life?  Take a quick time out and enjoy this fun story. Thank goodness for maps!

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