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As a communications professional, I've had to learn how to adjust my interviewing over the years depending on the person with whom I'm speaking.  Some prefer straight to the point.  Others prefer a largely kind overtone. There are many more styles in the middle.  All are fine.  

Have you left or hung up from a coaching session wondering if you're getting through to the client?  And, do you experience a cycle with each session that doesn't ever get to the part where the lightbulb in client's head goes off?  It's simple.  It boils down to communication.  As a coach to the coaches, working with me will give you insight into: 

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Identifying & Working with Blocks
  • Tone & Voice Level
  • How to Honor the Client Effectively
  • Guiding  Techniques
  • Listening and LISTENING


While I've always been a reporter in some fashion, I appreciate the six years I spent in the world of Marketing & Public Relations.  There is something fascinating about finding the connections between brands or building events around products or topics.  And maybe I'm weird, but making graphics is therapeutic.  I live, breath and eat creativity.  I can't help it, I'm a Pisces. 

Public Relations and Marketing people often pick my brain for ideas on their particular projects.  Working with me, you'll have the same opportunity.  But since I'm also a coach, I understand the true challenges of securing clients.  You and I will do a lot of dot connecting and look at all the various marketing efforts to decide which are best for your business.  I have exdensive experience in the following areas: 

  • Writing
  • Public Relations Strategies
  • Social Media 
  • Conent Creation
  • Book Writing
  • Podcasts
  • Video Creation 


If you told me that I could never learn anything beyond what I already know from this point on, I'd throw the biggest temper tantrum you've ever seen.  I'm currently in a learning series.  And part of that learning included a class in Leadership.  The more learning; the better the strategy. 

Maybe you've worked for a company that had no direction, no measurement, no philosophy and seemingly no values or principles.  It's more common than you think. And without a blueprint, you'll inherit headaches mixed with aggrivation. 

As you coach, we can spend a little time developing your strategy looking at areas such as: 

  • Values & Principles (hint: it's how you know who to go after and who to attract)
  • Seasonal Marketing
  • Analytics 
  • Approaching Companies
  • Strategic Social Posting
  • Using YOURSELF as the Sales Tool


Think of it as strategic spying.  After all, we're in the business of helping people, right?  I believe that decisions should be made using the heart, gut and the mind.  That's the trifecta.  Good surveillance work will help you identify the right opportunties and right project to attach or align your coaching business.  True story: coaching the coaches was born out of surveillance techniques.  

Sometimes surveillance means watching others -- in all different settings -- and knowing when to approach with a business card.  Other times, it's identifying patters or circumstances that speak to a portion of your business you should consider growing.  And then there's syncronicity in the Universe.  I like to call that the "dropping of the piano" on your head to get your attention.  I'm the kind of person who appears shy and quiet sometimes, but rest assured the gears in my head are spinning and concocting a plan for business.  I'm mastering surveillance.  Working with me will help you:

  • Seek Out Better Opportunities
  • Connect to Your Network
  • Create Inroads
  • Find the Right Resources
  • Use Your Analytical Brain (its not that hard, even I can do it)

With all that said, I'm still the third most important part our equation should we connect and work together.  Your clients are the experts, you are the facilitator and I'm a humble helper.  You ready to do business and get your coaching practice to the level you'd like? 


What if I could give you everything on th left side for a price that works for you? I didn't get into coaching to become rich.  I got into coaching because I truly like helping people and my spiritual gift is "Encouragement." 

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