Your Life's Theme Music and Happy Beat!

WARNING: This upbeat life coaching package contains explicitly motivational lyrics that may not be suitable for all people. Engaging with it may leave you smiling, with added joy and tapping your feet and fingers way more than you are currently accustomed. (Crowd goes wild)

Yes, happiness and a positive outlook are just sessions away! If you’ve wondered how certain people float through life almost carefree and hardly bothered by the day’s twists, turns and curveballs, there’s a reason. They’re not listening to all the negativity. They’re fast-forwarding to what’s important and pausing on life’s “Oh What a Night” and “It’s a Beautiful Morning” moments. Now it’s time for you to Press Play! Here’s the track list for this coaching package sure to make you pop!

Discovery Session

12 Additional Sessions

Goal Setting

Playlist Creation (w/ a twist & shout)

Noise Cancellation 

Focus on “You First” Techniques

Learning How to Greet the Day

Overcoming Blocks

And that’s just the A-side. The B-side is a beautiful version of you that is more appealing and melody-minded as you continue through life. How cool will it be when others keep saying “You Rock?” 

*Bonus Track: You’ll find out what that is once you get started. 

*Deluxe Version: Think you need a bit more tempo and determination? Don’t Worry, Be Happy! The deluxe version of Press Play comes with 4 more sessions and some self-exploration exercises that just may lead you to a hidden track or one fantastic remix. 



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