A creative, thought-provoking process pointing you to what you were born to do.


If you've ever said to yourself (or even out loud) "I'm just not cut out for anything else," while examining  your professional life, you haven't done all your homework yet!  During the self exploration process, clients do an incredibly deep-dive into their skills, passions, interests, areas of compassion, workplace values and more to eventually create two lists.  

The "components" list is a master list of the most important, non-negotiable parts of their professional blueprint.   The "possibilities" list becomes the list of possibilities of a new career in Las Vegas and areas of professional life where they will shine.   

CAREER COACH NOTE:  These lists have also been known to help clients successfully create a job that didn't exist or lead to the discovery of a small business opportunity.  This coaching package includes:

Discovery Session (information gathering regarding past jobs/careers)

6 Additional Coaching Sessions

New Career/Job Ideas

Exercises in the Path Not Taken & What if You Couldn't Fail

Knowledge About the Jobs/Careers Best Suited for You.

Price: $475