The True YOU! Discovering your strengths, talents and what gets you going in life.

A wonderful process and insightful look into your life to help you shine, find clarity, purpose, goals and forward direction. Whether you're creating a new life or enhancing the one you're living this package is your key.  Have you lost motivation, excitement or sense of self?  Recharge your life with this thorough look at all your parts and bring out what's been missing or undiscovered. 

This process is truly unique with very thought provoking exercises and self-reflection.  

For example, in one session, you will become a different version of yourself with a different life. Your imagination will run wild as you compare the versions of you to see which one really has it better.  This package is one of the reasons we love life & career coaching in Las Vegas.  It includes:

Discovery Session (Information gathering) 

6 Subsequent Sessions Focused on Self-Exploration

Listing of your "Components"

Summary and Clarification of "Possibilities"

Worksheets for Guidance & Discovery

Personality Test

Summary & Framework for your Ideal Life or Self-Expression

PRICE: $475

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