Every year in February I'm asked to come to visit various schools in Clark County to read to kids as part of Reading Week.  In 2018, something strange (in a good way) started happening.  I was often giving short motivational speeches to kids on what they needed to do to have a successful future.  Granted, the kids were years away from graduating - but teachers still thought it was important that I explain the hard work, motivation and determination that went into having a career.  It dawned on me that these types of motivational speeches are useful for anyone at any stage in life (age appropriate, of course).  So I broke up the speeches into smaller bits.


The motivational speech topics below are all 30 minute, one-off lectures designed to meet the needs of men and women within various organizations.

  • Say What?: Charismatic Communication: In this lecture, attendees will learn how to effectively listen, digest and communicate in the many various settings and situations encountered in life.  Mike Doria uses his developed coaching skills and career as a communicator and journalist to explain appropriateness of communication.  Attendees will learn how to respond to stressful situations, appropriately ask for things like raises, promotions or more peace in their personal lives, how to utilize social media properly and how to have meaningful conversations with friends, co-workers and bosses.

  • Stand Up, Stand Out: Ready to create an identity for yourself?  In this fun and engaging lecture, Mike Doria shares his tips and tricks from his successful career as a reporter with number one ratings.  Whether you want to be an author, coach, blogger, health guru or anything in between; you'll gain essential wisdom for making yourself known and heard.  

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