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Still not sure if you need a coach?  Read the testimonials of others regarding Mike Doria's Life & Career Coaching in Las Vegas. 

Juan R. | General Coaching

Juan was restarting his personal training business.  I was able to coach him on staying motivated, marketing through social media and working through blocks and false beliefs.

"It's amazing how much you learn and grow just by having conversations and some focused sessions.  Mike was awesome in helping me maintain motivated and goal driven.  His social media knowledge alone is worth gold. Thanks bud!"

Derek K. | Self-Exploration (Career)

"I worked with Mike for six weeks while I was in between jobs in what was called Self-Exploration (Career).  He really helped me focus on exactly what I wanted out of a job and career and gave me a whole new frame of mind.  One session that I really enjoyed was when he had me imagine I was in my dream job and then we "played pretend" for a half hour with me as a working actor.  Very cool and very eye-opening with the thoughtful and unique questions he asked.  Thanks for the enjoyable process Mike! "

Self-Exploration Details
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Justin S. | Resume Review

"One quick touch-up from Mike and I was finally able to land a great job and move across the country with no worries!  Thank you so much Mike."

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