wingspan - ep. 3- Charm school

Kids are now back in class and the teacher has a stern warning for his second graders. Then, move over Valedictorian and Salutatorian, there's an end of year speech given by the person who ranks 25th in his class. The episode moves into the three things needed for motivation and "Now Enlightened."


Wingspan - Ep. 2 - Alien procrastination

In Episode 2 of Wingspan, Mike has a "plausible" excuse for his procrastion that involves an alien abduction, a celebrity impersonation and a story only he could concoct.  In the end, he finally offers a way to end your procrastination and finishes up with the "Now Enlightened" segment for France.


Find the resources, guides, illustrations and other tools  mentioned in the Wingspan Podcast right here! 


Wingspan - pilot episode - inner child

I'm testing out the possibility of a podcast and toying around with some potential formats.  So, here's a test run of Wingspan: The Imperfect Angel of a Podcast. If you like, we'll keep going. 

The podcast shares a central idea from a Life Coaching perspective & adds in my "Now Enlightened" segment.